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Qafla e hijaaz

In the start of My MBA I just started reading books with the ambition of knowledge attainment. During this I just started reading from Naseem Hijaazi, From the book titled Qafla e Hijaaz.What i found in it was the mixture of Reality, Fantasy and may be some exaguration. But over all his style made ...

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Read a master piece by a master piece the IQBAL

Mana Ke Teri Deed Ke Qabil Nahin Hun Main Tu Mera Shauq Dekh, Mera Intizar Dekh (Bang-e-Dra-050) Poetry ends on Iqbal……..

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A worth reading column

Its an awesome writing. after a long time i found such a heart touching article. While reading this you just feel a poetic epic.Pakistani soldiers sacrificed and still sacrificing but are not rewarded like this. again once again what he got?What we’ve done for those who sacrificed every thing for nothing. Its getting a long ...

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Mission Impossible “The CSS 2013”


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What you can expect.. Land of surprises Pakistan

1998 brought a revolution in the defense of Pakistan when the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN test fired six nuclear warheads successfully in Chaghai, Baluchistan, Celebrations spread throughout the Islamic world. Islamic Bomb or sigh of relief was credited to Pakistan, credited to Nawaz Govt. Because its trendy. This all was one side glimpse of the other side the statements ” we will now decide ...

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What a geography !!

Ibn e Inshaa What a fun writer : Once again Hats Off to the writer for giving such a nice comic status.  Try to find out other and read to make your mood light.Almighty Allah gave such a comic literature writer but we almost don’t bother to make a sparrow eye ...

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