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Love Her :P

The day when I saw her on the Hum TV drama I just fell in love with her as usual,Obviously she’s pretty and really pretty, She fulfills almost all the requirements of my dictionary’s definition 😛 Her Eyes Damn. Love it!!Her “Nain Naqash” are too sharp and are perceived like “BILLI” (Cat).But on ...

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Qafla e hijaaz

In the start of My MBA I just started reading books with the ambition of knowledge attainment. During this I just started reading from Naseem Hijaazi, From the book titled Qafla e Hijaaz.What i found in it was the mixture of Reality, Fantasy and may be some exaguration. But over all his style made ...

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Helped Me to Dig Up something Special

Some day ago I Just Updated my Status on facebook and after a long discussion what I extracted to Argue with Qadiayaani’s You should be Fully Equipped because of Their only foolish looking comments. Have no Logic except stubbornness. They’ll try to argue physicality against spirituality.After Denying all (Na auzbillah) They’ll insist to be called ...

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