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Ford Janay Tay Road Janay

its a bit comic but a reality that in our long living Pakistan. The truck art is a vital for transporters , by following the tradition some times funny statement , poetry and many artistic work is  done on rears of trucks. Same image is representing the story when I ...

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Was a awesome day

About a month ago it was Planned  return of  my uncle SAFDAR from the sacred journey of HAJJ. a day before I just reminded the WAQAS (The Nephew of Uncle) He assured me to remind. On the next day morning about close to 5.15 AM I got a call and ...

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Happened once again….

A couple of day ago our old friend Hafiz Mahrab (Tharki) came to Multan BZU , for the accomplishment of couple of tasks…  1- submit his admission forms to attempt his supply  😛 2- To receive his Laptop from CM Shehbaz Sahrif. On the day he submitted forms and got ...

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My L’ll sHABBO………….

Last Sunday, I went to Sahiwal with my Ammi jaani for some personal reasons, there my cousin Haseeb Jahangeer asked once again ” Billi la k aawaan?”  I said yes! He ordered Hammad Farooq my aunt’s Son. He went to neighbor’s house and brought the kitten. It was looking so cute, The decision was done to ...

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Publication Debut .. Aakhir kaar asi v aa hi gae intl authors di list ich

“Abstract The purpose of this research study is to investigate the impact of customer service elements on customer satisfaction and loyalty in B2B market and to find out the most important elements of customer services which have  strong impact on satisfaction. This research is exploratory in type and Respondents of  this study are ...

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My EVO inbound

As we shifted again to Multan… Here we felt the intense need of Internet connectivity and it almost took a week or more to decide about the service provider to be acquired. World call  was on the top of the list. Then a suggestion for EVO was brought in . ...

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