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The Bullshit ever played by Print & Electronic media

The Editor, Time Magazine Dear Editor, I recently returned from a charitable trip to Pakistan, whereby I visited both Karachi and Islamabad. I spoke with several universities, key businesses, prominent business leaders and several religious people from all generations…. On the day I returned to the office, someone had placed ...

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What you can expect.. Land of surprises Pakistan

1998 brought a revolution in the defense of Pakistan when the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN test fired six nuclear warheads successfully in Chaghai, Baluchistan, Celebrations spread throughout the Islamic world. Islamic Bomb or sigh of relief was credited to Pakistan, credited to Nawaz Govt. Because its trendy. This all was one side glimpse of the other side the statements ” we will now decide ...

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Something We Forgot

This was our tradition to keep weapons for our defense for our deterrence. Hence the weapons shows your attitude. Once you forget your tradition history also forgets you and you only remain nothing.Once again we should consider this and stop making a call on so called interest based economy (ECONOMY)Please make a go through of ...

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