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Chashma lake visit! 

It was a important day i with my friends bilal and awais decided to visit chashma for important work that visit was also inteded to the tour of isa khel and mianwali ending point of kalabagh dam. But unfortunately bilal was unable to join us due to medical emergency of ...

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Ford Janay Tay Road Janay

its a bit comic but a reality that in our long living Pakistan. The truck art is a vital for transporters , by following the tradition some times funny statement , poetry and many artistic work is  done on rears of trucks. Same image is representing the story when I ...

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Peshawar the CITY OF FLOWERS

Some days ago got the chance to visit the city of Flowers The Peshawar, with my closest friend Haris khan , the trip was although for a short time period. Trip was also unplanned but in a short time visited the most Popular areas and food points at Peshawar. at ...

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At Last HAAZRI was Accepted at “Harmain e Shareefain”

On May 3rd 2016 a golden Day when took off for Jeddah. to perform Umrah! ALLAH (S.W.A) Accepted My hazri.

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At last I am @ my home with my SWORD

Last Sunday Mr. Surmad Umar was at Muree with the so called trip that was organized to secure some pursed objectives (explanation in previous posts). I’s there with the Men’s word ” I won’t spend a single penny but I’s back without a single penny ;). Actually the problem lies ...

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Manal wasn’t a dream to be approached by Hiking

Elections 2013, 11th May. The holiday was announced locally by college principal for T.B.Os (actually announced by MCB bank HR office). Due to the issues with transport , Mr. Surmad Umar wasn’t able to go back to its constituency to claim his electoral right for dominantly PML-N but this may ...

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