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Introduction to IBP

IBP Superior Qualification (ISQ) is the only recognized professional qualification for bankers in Pakistan, which is recognized both, locally and internationally. The Central Bank has endorsed this qualification and it is also acclaimed by the banking and financial sector as well. ISQ is a professional qualification program which is aimed ...

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Assertiveness; What is It? Let’s See traditional or Other view or Mine side of sight !

Assertiveness, the most emerging phenomena now a days! Be Assertive , He is assertive, Remain assertive and etc. All the time behavioral mentors tries to emphasize it. Is it a real need ? In a diplomatic era still it has place? OK, if we take every thing answered then still ...

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Leaders are Born or Made?

Q: Who is leader? Ans: simply who leads. Lets get a bit specific in terms of situation from where we may can say a person who leads in worse conditions. Why leads in worse conditions? why not in good conditions?? Kiu G tusi menu philosopher smjia jera har puthi gall likh k ...

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