Pakistan and Kashmir : The Appointment of New DG ISPR Pakistan.

Pakistan as being the one of the worlds most strategic state is facing internal and external pressures exerted by the key world’s top powers. Here we need to understand that pakistan being the economically ill state still plays the gigantic role in the strategic game between Superpowers and also against itself. Pakistan owns a inborn enemy hypocrate enemy and a created enemy additionally having the hypocrite friendlies and mutualism believing friendlies in the region. On the other hand all the major superpowers of the world are in focus on pakistan for their strategic benefits additionally subject to revenge.

Pakistan still enjoying the fairy period with the possession of nuclear arsonal as the world’s top effective and secure tag. this makes the enemies to think before any kind of aggression because its the understood phenomena that any escalation can get into the nuclear scenario resulting the global impact and disaster. To cope up with this scenario the fifth generation war ideology is introduced consisting on the mis information and Proxy war.

To mitigate the information war where even the local media is playing for against the national cause its hard to manage with proxy and to protect the defense assets in information and media there aroused a need for the military to enhance the domain of the department which can convey their message in proper and effective way. So in the line of need in the era of Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa ISPR entered in the social media and after Asim saleem , the upcoming general Major General Asif Ghafoor in 2016 set the new pace of ISPR and entered in the re-establishment of the game. He set the new rules and defended in a really wise way. He changed all the aspects of information in well balanced and weights way resulting in the grossing positivity. He stood and conveyed the state policy for Kashmir and highlighted the anti-statecampagins in India.

As the tenure of Major General Asif Ghafoor ended on 15 jan 2020 the new DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar took the charge and maintained the pace set by Asif Ghafoor by starting the tweet on Kashmir policy in a rigid way as the incumbent general is also know by strict rules and anti state players.

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