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A New Recipe By Surmad

Today in the market obviously at working place i found some discounts at that time i was just thinking about pickles but as usual unplanned and sudden decision to make KHEER Mix or SHEER KHURMA and called my friend Abdullah to come to me I will make it for you (obviously Test drive :D) , he agreed and as far as his habit he came almost 1.5 hours late because he is Saudi and it’s in there blood not to care for time instead of lame excuses. So coming to the topic straight , even I also don’t know about the difference between SHEER KHURMA and KHEER but i followed the suggestion of Box , which should i follow the recipe was comprised of Vermicelli (Sawayyan , Sha’ariya).

For this all firstly i borrowed the Big Pan from Bangladesh ( room opposite to my room where Bangali lives and i used to say it Bangladesh) Then Hashimudeen washed it for me after this i waited round 20 mins for the Kitchen to be clean and washed after this i put Pan on stove and added 2L Milk after it was warm I added 2 packets of Vermicelli (Sawayyan , Sha’ariya) , Sugar and Sheer Khurma Mix and let it to be cooked for 10 mins but after this it waas not ready but checking made me to wait for more then 5 mins and these got more hard but it was good (my view only) and then i added the layer of cream and put in refrigerator to be cold , Called my friend Nisar from India( the room where Indian live and i call it India) ,
The Cold and Hot Vermicelli (Sawayyan , Sha’ariya).was ready and AlhadulIllah it was really outclass but some decor was only missing , by the way it was a great dish added to my menu.

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