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PM went but the shadows remains in PM ship!

As the SC disqualifies the PM (Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif) , although there are many reservations on the SC verdict in sense of soft handling regarding punishment and disqualification on side issue. In my opinion there should be punishment on the forged and fake documents. But any how it was Sc’s Verdict and no more comment but on the other hand PML (Pending) didn’t left their tradition of retaining corruption in PM house.  Although MNS was also disqualified on corruption charges but they remained on the same trail.
PML(Pending) brought in the new PM (Shahid Khaqan Abbasi) who is accused in LNG scandal of purchasing LNG on higher price by reserving their kick backs price , almost the LNG costing 6$/MMT was purchased on 12-13 $/MMT . A reference in NAB is present and under Trail. So the man with accuses is elected as PM by PML (Pending) is totally against the morality totally against the sacredness of PM house the country, but they remain on the track. As the sword of disqualification is hanging on the major players of the ruling party, is there any morality, is there any tradition?
Are they again defending their corruption or want to hide behind the ruler ship screen to avoid the punishment.? Instead of learning lessons from this they again brought in the same players. There was a chance to make a goodwill and prove other side wrong PML (Pending) again lost the chance .

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