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Chashma lake visit! 

It was a important day i with my friends bilal and awais decided to visit chashma for important work that visit was also inteded to the tour of isa khel and mianwali ending point of kalabagh dam.

But unfortunately bilal was unable to join us due to medical emergency of her mother actually he was our half host too. But me and awais decided to carry on the trip because our work was of an important nature.  

New khan 10:00 pm, journey started and at 3:50 landed to kundian morr toll plaza took another bus started for chashma but we were not sure for the exact destination.  When we woke up and asked the conductor to drop us here and we were shockes to see the lake on left side started walikng,  and after half an hour we were o  bank took photos and then offered prayer got the right information and then reached the original place.

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