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There Was a Walima ceremony of “Muhammad Amir Choudry”

Amir choudry son of Tahir choudry , Brother of Bilal Choudry resident of Kapco Kotadu D-57, got married,  probably in 2013, A man came to my dining table and sat down , I just was astonished a little bit why he changed his seat . His one child named Mohsin and daughter sat on the table and My brother Abdul Aleem was also sitting with me . Me and A.Aleem was annoyed of his sitting with us too, because we thought we won’t be able to eat freely,
Man just started to interview me abut my job and studies, I didn’t gave him importance as such.
This was my innocence or may be foolishness. The one more thought hit m with the point that he wants to tease me like other uncles do in colony so I just done my job with the meal , during lunch his son pointed me and a.aleem that you rae laughing on me, actually we were but we and his father said ” Beta ye aap pa ni hans raha” .

In my books this day was of imortance .

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