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An essay written by a student of o-level (10) for her school magzine Relationships.

“What a day it has been!” I thought to myself as I grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and jumped onto my bed. As I took comfort from its warmth, I evaluated the events of earlier today: how I was on my way to my home and ran into an old friend from college, how we decided to meet up at a restaurant in an hour. Oh! I was so excited. And when we finally sat down to chat over dinner, we talked for hours, non-stop. We talked about memories of college; the classes we bunked, the pranks we pulled, the group studies we had on nights before exams, and much more. Then I told her goodbye when it was late at night and left, exchanging contact information and promising to meet again soon.
“Sweet memories, they are! Too bad they are mere memories and now everything is completely different,” I sighed.
No, I did not want to admit it, but that does not change the reality, that I had left behind in the past, all the relationships that I had once worked so hard to build. My friends, my teachers, my acquaintances, everyone, I had left behind. But what was far more tragic was that they, too, had left me behind. No one ever tried to make a phone call, or write a meaningful email, or visit once in a while. Maybe that’s just life. Maybe that’s just reality, or maybe I could call it a consequence of arrogance, disloyalty and voluntary negligence. Whatever the case is, in the end we all moved on and started new lives, erasing every sense of attachment to the past and those whom we once knew. What a shame!
I had realized today that I was a liar; we all were. We used to promise to always remember each other and keep in contact, and that our bond of friendship would ever break. Once friends, always friends! What a foolish thing to say, when we knew that distance would tear us apart from each other eventually and this bond would vanish right before our eyes.
And what happened to that seemingly-special someone, who vowed to be tried-and-true? I was blind then, when I ridiculously joined in with him when he used to create a vision of a happily-ever-after. It seems like a century ago when he held my hand and assured me that we would go through thick and thin and still be together. Hah! It all sounds like a chapter from a cheesy drama novel, does it not?
“What do I really have now?” I questioned myself.” Who stood beside me all this time, really?”
Family was my first thought. A bond of blood could never be broke, right? That was true, for all my family, except for my brother, who fought and left us when my parents did not approve of his love marriage. It was that time when I came to the conclusion that even family can be unfaithful and traitorous.
As for work relationships, they are just temporary. They only last as long as the job does; a reality that I realized recently when I changed my job.
“Oh, what a depressing and hurtful world it is!” I wish that people, including myself, could be more sensitive, deep and devoted to maintaining relationships, rather than neglecting them. I wish more bridges were built than burned.”
But why would we want to do that? We are just self-centered, ego-worshipping betrayers, who could live colorful and joyous lives, but sadly, prefer to live as loners and die as loners!

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