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At last I am @ my home with my SWORD

Last Sunday Mr. Surmad Umar was at Muree with the so called trip that was organized to secure some

pursed objectives (explanation in previous posts). I’s there with the Men’s word ” I won’t spend a single penny but I’s back without a single penny ;). Actually the problem lies with my spot decision its my strength but it weaken me too! at Mall Road Muree the antiques shop pulled me for window shopping only, A knife captured my attention, as time passed I started to plunge into other weapon like antiques and suddenly saw a sword and was bought by me. Problem started with the delivery of wild. Packing was good but wasn’t permitted to open it in cantonment area as I’s in bus wasn’t able to hold my wish to take it out n I did. Then the pretty difficult stage to port it to Multan. ZULFIQAR (my sword that resembles with the sword of Hazrat ALI r.a ) was wrapped in Birthday gift sheet this was also a tough task to camouflage it but was done at the success rate of 60 %. The decision to opt Daewoo service was dropped, due to security checks and the option of Bilal daewoo and Faisal Movers left on the table, At the terminal only found seat number 43 in Faisal movers @ 10:30 PM just to shift the asset to my home, was successful to prove it a wrapped show piece blaming the checking guard that you are destroying my Packing of a gift. The guard of FM was in suspicion that its not something fair but at last touched the land of city of SAINTS at 6:30 AM Saturday.

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