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Manal wasn’t a dream to be approached by Hiking

Elections 2013, 11th May. The holiday was announced locally by college principal for T.B.Os (actually announced by MCB bank HR office). Due to the issues with transport , Mr. Surmad Umar wasn’t able to go back to its constituency to claim his electoral right for dominantly PML-N but this may can be P.T.I. Mr. Nouman also decide to stay with me and Uzair already made his decision  not to go back due to the hanging sword of his comprehensive examination helding on next weekend. Harris khan my Jigg also reported at my flat.So, what we decided is to stay at my flat in Islamabad I 10/2. The day of FRIDAY came and we offered a Jumma prayer where the time was about to expire for joining a Jamat, but ALLAH (s.w.a) gave us a chance to be in time. the day spent (See more here about Jumma).
On Saturday the may be it was unintentional but was planned many days ago, round about 1:20 PM after some necessary preparation we left with a bag having a torch and 2 bottles of water. Covering the distance till F-6 and with the help of army postman, we successively reached at the base of Trail 3 heading to Manal.
Secured our Bikes did a small photo session and started our journey. After reaching on the first height where we saw a guy and he suggested us a way, On following that path with the almost 40 % Mr. Nouman exhausted and mee too faced the session of vomiting due to high heart beat rate and Ignition without warm up. We almost decided to be back with some alternative plan, Harris found a way  that was supposed to be more straight not steep and we succeeded. carried our journey with ambition on the way met many guys and they all bucked up and just said ” yaar 25 min or lagain ga sirf” and these 25 mins prolonged to 2.5 hours :p .
On many turns we stopped to decide, whether we should go left or right or Go back to ground. The whole journey remained disputed due to health issues faced by all. Suddenly we found a hut like a base camp and then once again they said only 25 mins to go. we walked till the water stream and  Ghost overtook our nerves to the decision for going through stream pathway and we did, we did. At last nouman saw the glimpse of Manal and we got relax. the most ” BIST” time when I’s slipping through grass and a aunt gave me support to stand on ground. Then came the TUTY fruity drama and was worse 😛

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