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Doctor da valima

About 3/4 days ago I called my mom. During discussion she said ” Tera kisi dost da Card aya ha ” . Then I got a message from my friend Jalil ” yaar doctor ki shadi ha 27,28,29 ko” Then I planned to be there and a bunk program was crafted. I reached Multan on Thursday evening after spending a hectic day at okara the cabenate handle shopping and arrival at Multan.
About close to 5 -10 PM I’s at Ali express terminal… (See thursday 28/03/13 post ).
In the morning I started planing about the Valima, The pressed my Paul Smith Shirt and Black pent, Then after JUMA prayer I’s at home with my younger brother who started to insist please drop me to my exam hall and he’s Just on the go. The My brother Junaid entered the home and all burden shifted on him. I’s free to go, dressed up took bike and stared the journey to attend Doctor (Mudassir Siddiqui). I inquired about the address, Bhatti said me to be at Sooraj miani chowk and call me. At last after some search I’s at Bhatti’s home. Met my old Paul Wasim (chakka musalter), Geraed up for walima, reached on venue and were welcomed by Doc’s father and there saw a boy making video film and threw a shot ” Doctor sala apna walima ki video khud bna raha ha or baad ma” kaha ga k ma kaha hu video ma” After accupying chairs and a wait of 15 mins the CG, VIP Doc, came into “Pindaal”, a warm hug was served to all , The most notable thing I saw, The worthy bridegroom went man to man, met him , Hugged’em. The status given to every guest..
But the thing I Just rememberd , on chungi no. 6 i ran out of fuel and bike was on reserve, but I reached at asgher’s home, on reserve I traveled till marriage hall, then to dera adda and came back to home..!
on the running day Jalil wasn’t there on walima but the Mudassir was in form and he did a Jugat on Hashim, ” ma na to invitation 1 bnda ka dia tha 2 kaisa?”
But doc remained afraid from wasim’s Jugats during the whole ceremony,
but at the end every thing ended with the formal photo session 🙁

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