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Oh! I’s in interview :P

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Last week I appeared for the interview, I’s told about the interviewer’s behavior that he so sharp, clever and quick. Went there actually the man was late and when the interview started,
Question 1 Came Tell me about yourself?
Question 2 Tell me your strengths, Weakness?
Question 3 List the subjects you studied during your last degree?
Question 4 Convince me to place this phone on shelf and Etc.

 The Old ridiculous questions and nonsense questions. The most dramatic questions from your course like a school master ” what is this, I answer me the Curves and so much fool questions.
He just was using Flanks, In my opinion if i am gonna say him as a technical or serious interviewer ” I am Wrong”.
Basically I don’t have the space to place it as a interview.
But As I am rated good that’s the only thing which   Liked there 😛

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