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Mr. Sheikh.S. Anjum’s Heart Voice

Some days ago Mr. SS started to Post some alienated statuses, e.g. She considered me as an option and etc.  This was a pre-storm story and the it proved that a storm is Inbound.The Ghazal came on board, This is the result of broken heart.

“”A MUST READ Ghazal, just finalized a moment ago by Sheikho…. 🙂
These are not only words, but my feelings… DEDICATED to ma Ishq-e-lahasil..

Tujhay khonay say darta hoan, Tera honay say darta hoan
Ajab yaa Ishq hay jana’n, Mein khud honay say darta hoan
Bari mushkil yaa rahein hein, Mein sari raat chalta hoan
Jahan shurawat hoti hy, Wahin aa kar theharta hoan
Ajab yaa safar hay jana’n, Khatam

 honay say darta hoan
Mein sari raat chalta hoan, Mein sari raat jalta hoan
Mein kundan ho ni sakta, Na ab jalnay say darta hoan
Ajab yaa raat hay jana’n, Subha honay say darta hoan
Yahan parwaz ki hay chahat, Wahan say’yad say muhabbat
Ajab yaa qaid hay jana’n, Reha honay say darta hoan
Gazab kay chand say chehray, Mein ab taknay say darta hoan
Nashay mein ab talak hoan per, Fida honay say darta hoan
Rahi na baat pehli se, Walayat chin gai mujh say
Raha na ishq kay qabil, Raha na yaar kay qabil
Dyar-e-yaar mein yaa raaz, Ayaan honay say darta hoan
Namaz-e-ishq mein jana’n, Mein misl-e-bay wazo bnda
Qaza honay say darta hoan, Adaa honay say darta hoan
Tujhay khonay say darta hoan, Tera honay say darta hoan
Ajab yaa Ishq hay SHERAZ, Mein khud honay say darta hoan…


Sheikh tera dukh ma braber k shreek ha ham behi
Jaan, Hukam or address da bhabi haazir ker dain ga
Us k baap or bhaaioo ki bhi aisi ki taisi….


  1. meri jaan kay totay, I also given a status some months ago. It was like, "I am in love with more than one, but I love them all in different ways".
    The one who was left as a choice was an affiliation, attraction kind of love. And the poem is dedicated to the ONE, The only Ishq of mine.. 🙂

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