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Happened once again….

A couple of day ago our old friend Hafiz Mahrab (Tharki) came to Multan BZU , for the accomplishment of couple of tasks…  1- submit his admission forms to attempt his supply  😛 2- To receive his Laptop from CM Shehbaz Sahrif. On the day he submitted forms and got a Heart breaking News that he+ 300 more won’t be getting their laptops just because of Mistake by their ( :@ ) type department. Plan was made for protest and CM was tried to approach by FB. Next day on the ceremony Protest was launched but suppressed  by Rana Mehmood ul hassan in a tactful way. He showed the student a green corridor and cleared his way to the smooth ceremony. In the evening they came to me and we enjoyed at my home. Then on sheikhu’s Beleno we set for the “Shah Rukne Aalam” to visit the Sheikh’s and BABA THarki’s center of gravity place i think house number 494 D Shah Rukne Aalam.   Then on returning back Molvi Omar gave us a treat a chaman ice cream on coming back stayed at sheikhu’s home and day ended…  we also recorded many moments. Next day plan was set but we all got late , anyhow me and sheikhu reached Uni metall the guys then we laeft for “Poondi” but plan cancelled and went to Meals, Had Drinks and Listened Masood is again angry with 2 , as usual we were unable to sort out any good reason ” at last WHY?” but he was..  “Meanwhile I got a call that my Phuphoo is reached at home and i said to all I am going back to home from 6 waali shuttle then we waited in car but sheikhu said we also have togo just take a look to Masood…  We went to room 89 to take up masood , As I opened the door masood’s made his face like the ” KHAJOOR KI GITAK” “FAFE KUTNI MAAI” and “BEWAA ORAT” i just once said ” Aaja ya blanket mu ta lai lai” and came back to car    but sheikh spend time in making some clearnce but all in vail and we came back with empty hands.


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