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My L’ll sHABBO………….

Last Sunday, I went to Sahiwal with my Ammi jaani for some personal reasons, there my cousin Haseeb Jahangeer asked once again ” Billi la k aawaan?”  I said yes! He ordered Hammad Farooq my aunt’s Son. He went to neighbor’s house and brought the kitten. It was looking so cute, The decision was done to take the kitten at any price. according to the contingency plan “the theft” was also put as an option to acquire the kitten. on Monday we selected the right box for the kitten to carry it and the box was shoe box. Hammad brought the cat we put it in the box and left for Sahiwal bus stand the problem FM, Daewoo, Ali express don’t allow pets in the vehicle. But we managed and after the journey the kitten was at hme with us.
New challenge how to keep it now? then we started to feed it via feeder and then at night wrap it with cloth to keep it warm, In two days he is now friend of us. have to take care when he needs milk. we can’t put him on other feed because it only of merely 20-25 days old. but MashALLAH it’s healthy.

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