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Publication Debut .. Aakhir kaar asi v aa hi gae intl authors di list ich

The purpose of this research study is to investigate the impact of customer service elements on customer satisfaction and loyalty in B2B market and to find out the most important elements of customer services which have  strong impact on satisfaction. This research is exploratory in type and Respondents of  this study are the retailers of mobile phone companies. Data is collected from Lahore & Multan through structured questionnaire.This paper concludes that product support, product quality, communication, and delivery quality have positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.This study will be helpful for mobile phone companies to better satisfy their retailers & to get prominent shelf space. 
Mostly mobile phone companies just focus on productquality and price to get prominent shelf space but our research contributes that to better satisfy the retailers, mobile phone companies should provide an accurate level of customer services. They should focus on both marketing and logistics customer services. This research adds that along with product quality product support, communication, and delivery quality are also very important to better satisfy retailers and to get prominent shelf space. “

This book belongs to my debut of publications.
As it remained my dream to get publish before the publication and I just put all my efforts for my articles but they were getting really tough and tough and taking a long time to get on the way..
during this time my friend Muhammad Jalil just got published . Then I followed him and also got published with my book titled [refer to Pic]. The publication got a serious turn when my Ill minded cousin insisted put my name on first and book was almost final. then I’ve to put a request mail to my editor and she helped me to get out of this hell. As the editing Penalty fee is 149 euros. But i loved the day when I got published.
I may try to provide this book online through my web page

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