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I protest….but its not sufficient………..

I protest against the release of the disrespectful movie,
the responded protest’s intensity is less in my views. The proper thing which Libyans did. It gives a little ….
The Jews and Christians remained the same in this kind of things. They want to test our potential test our feelings they want to test whether still Muslims are alive or not? Still they got something?
they are getting habitual for doing such a bad things.
Every thing on one side, I bring it on to me, Where i feel my self tied with something, or may be I am partially dead now, because I can’t do any thing even i don’t know how to protest, where to put my talks getting no place and no struggle and having no hope.
Over here I just wanna mention Sultan Abdul hamid from Turkey, This type of things erupted, He called the ambassador kept them standing about a long time and met them in war dress and threatened of attack if the things are not stopped. the Europeans calmed, Once again My Libya tried to do this but this is not having the support of other brother nations. :(. In my views its not enough. Why the other countries still giving the place to their embassies? We are getting week internally.

Here I missed the passion of Islam in our leadership, If Shaheed. gen . Zia ul haq or Bhutto was live we may can have a strong foreign standing and we may demand that Person.
we did blunders……………..

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