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Feeling shame

Every time when I muster up to have a look on this picture, It brings my eyes filled up, put my emotions out of control.
This is the result of Pakistan’s invasion in Kashmir. India Planned to make a reply ” We will mess in gymkhana Lahore”. Invasion was really too much strong heavy Armour was used but Pakistan defended it. We were not large in number, We were not good in tech, Armour was not  thick, what all was, was only the spirit, was only the Love, the Patriotism, the Dignity. 
I am totally lacking to payout the worth of this photo in my words. The soldier what he was getting as the return back for his efforts ? He may be wasn’t able to run his kitchen. But he is **no words**. We entered in the boundary of enemies territory no one to stop us. 
“This photo is enough to say all”

I wan to write but can’t say my emotions into words
what we did , we only slapped them

Enemy fully equipped, planned to kneel us and He is Now MFN and we are celebrating defense day against them.

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