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Ramazan karim

Day by day …. Hour by hour… The holy month RAMADAN came closer. As it announced at Kindom of Saudi Arabia, Tomorrow will be the first Ramazan. My heart just said 1 to go in Pakistan, The day came, Roweyat e Halal committee conference started under the presidency of Mufti Muneeb ur Rahman (Chanda Mamau), Time passed , passed and Passed but in Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, Sindh moon was not sighted but meanwhile a witness received from KPK, that was verified and till 9:15 PM it was announced we will fast tomorrow as first Ramazan. My question from my Mom and Dad was . If the announcement will be at 11:00 Pm then what will be of Traveeh and got the answer when the announcement will be made again go to the Masjid. After the announcement I went to Masjid informed the Namazi’s Go back for Traveeh. The first time I saw people waiting for the announcement to offer traveeh🙂
First Ramazan, First FAST, after Fajar prayer friend said “YAAR AJ TA JUMA LAGDA HA” (today it seems to be like Jumma Prayer). The number of Namazi’s were huge there so he did a joke 🙂
A month full of RAHMAT started…..

All the prayers to friends Muslims, For Pakistan…

and Plz do pray for me also…

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