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Planned- Unplanned ,Chappar tour…

Some days ago Mr. Aftaab Taabi created an event for the mango party at so called Pool (in my dictionary its boldly called) Chappar :P. We decided to go there and meanwhile Roofi said my friends are coming from Lahore, Let’s wait for them. On the Saturday trip finalized. But I was not mentally ready/sure. Roofi called me about 12.45 PM. I said my bike is puncture and wheel wires are also broken. He ordered me to get ready till 1.30PM. I took my bike to nawaz and got it repaired, Took permission from Mom and it was not supported permission, anyhow about close to 1.35 PM I was roofi’s home there I waited about 15 mins then Ahmer and Arslan came out and after 15 mins of that roofi was out with his brother.
I was told Aftab is also waiting at the gate. After getting late with an aggregate time of 45 mins we started journey. We found no tabi there on the gate roof purchased 3kg of “Dusehri Mangoes” and we left for tabi’s home after reaching there, Tabi was angry and said you are late so I dismissed the plan and other people are on the pool, then on a discussion it was decided to go Taabi went to his friend Rehan reconfirmed the scene. Left for the “CHAPPAR” it was a long track on the way we were facing dust aired by roof bike then I decided to revenge and the revenge started sitting behind Ahmer and Arslan said Kam Chak k rakh and we have flown a lot of Mudd and then we got happy then cooled down, on a final turn we took wrong this took us in a PINDD. 
Once we were back to CHAPPAR we saw a Farm and I said ” Ma kiya C na ae chappar hi ha” checked the Pool water was low but filled with other people. Then we adjusted Entered the CHAPPAR water was cool after a long struggle I was able to manage a pushed float. At the end I was fully tired plan was made to be back to home. Checked my Phone that was having 21 missed calls. On the track to home turns were sweet I tried to be over speedy but ahmer and Arslan said ” Hath Hola rakh, Tuja Dar Ni lagta” after that got refueled our bikes entered he colony left them to roofi’s home. Came back and took the lecture from my DAD that was really worth remembering 😛

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