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Oopse 7-0…

All kapco 5th football tournament held at Kapco.  Here comes our Team :
ARIYAANS : Yellow Tees

Coach :        Surmad Umar
Captain:        Awais Ahmad
Stopper:       Abdul Rauf (Roofi)
                   Ghzanfar (Ghani Bhai)
                   Asif (Gulli)
                   Tufail Khan
Forward:      Mohsin Bhatti (Moosa)
                   Imtisaal (Shaali)
                   Adnan (Akku)
In the craze of tournament I bought the T of Liverpool from Jugnu’s Shop at Kapco,
The first Match against Haroon, Match started we were under mental pressure due to being the weakest team of the tournament. In first five Minutes we did a score on Penalty Shoot. Hats Off to shaali for such a nice shoot that gave us a back support. Mr. Haroon raised the objection on Shaali that his name is not on the list after a debate and biasness of organizing committee Shaali disqualified a new player was introduced match continued.We faced alot of attacks by opponents but we were lucky at last they were able to get a penalty and they scored it match was tied and then it went to draw with 1-1 point. We were lucky and praised for the performance.
2nd match against AYYAZ (Laloo)…. match was going awesome we got alot of attacks but our good luck My prediction was ” Assi aj ae haar jana ha” standing. In the last 45seconds they got penalty and we were under the debt of 1 score. match started Ghnai kicked referee made a whistle and Match ended in the favour of AYYAZ with a score of 1-0.Third and last league from Us was against Kapco green for which this context is drafted. Before the match I just wrote a FB status
 “”Please Pray for our Win or Defeat for this match…. Today’s match is really important,
Our Win or defeat will throw out Muhammad Ayyaz, 7 put off will be today . a draw will lead us and our opponent both out of tournament…. 
Abdul Rauf Plz ask your friends to make a pray and wish (thursday, 12juy, 5:21Pm)””

I was a big opponent for the AYYAZ due to his last score against us. I just want to see AYYAZ out of Tournament. I was happy that with our defeat AYYAZ will be out and with our draw or win he will continue. Come in the field. Planning was made we were not able to make a proper planning. but we were sure that we may draw or win. as match started in first 5 minutes goal was scored by JAWAD. And I shouted AYYAZ mubarkaan you are out of tournament. The day he was praying for our win 😀 ,
Goals were under score by PINDI (Shehbaz), Then jawad and this lead to the score of 4-0 till the first half. 2nd half started it was feeling that no more score will be made but goodluck 3 more were made with the sole score of JAWAD 4, PINDI 3. Match ended with 7-0. A great fun was made on us. After facing all insult we were happy that Mr. AYYAZ is out of tournament. 😛 ;). Our defeat with such a enormous score spread out in the whole colony like Jungle fire. This new was on aired by WAQT NEWS. We felt embraced with a happiness. Where ever we go every one used to Ask “” Yaar kinna goal hua””
Then yesterday’s match same situation with the team of ALI. I was hooping that contractors should win. this can keep ALI’s team in the tournament. In the opponent Blue EAGLES were having ALI’s favourite player RANA WAQAS. He is famous due to his nice dodging with hanging hands. at last rana waqas won by 1-0. we gave the tribute to ALI on his expulsion out of tournament. And the credit goes to RANA WAQAS.

Ali tera favourite ACTION…
Ya aakhir kar tuja la hi dooba… 😛 😛 😉 (y)

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