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What you can expect.. Land of surprises Pakistan

1998 brought a revolution in the defense of Pakistan when the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN test fired six nuclear warheads successfully in Chaghai, Baluchistan, Celebrations spread throughout the Islamic world. Islamic Bomb or sigh of relief was credited to Pakistan, credited to Nawaz Govt. Because its trendy. This all was one side glimpse of the other side the statements ” we will now decide the south Asia’s fate” turned into ” we have to decide the things on the talk table on equal bases” some sanctions were imposed on the bearer of the Islamic bomb by the Super bomb. The policy maker of super bomb was surprised about what happened, they clarified them on ” match is now on the other turn for some time”. F16 were back to home with out flight for the attack from Srinagar while being the cockpit stand by orders.
      The move was played by bringing up the knight (Gen. Musharraf ) with a 2.5 steps for avenging. The new progress era of the bubble was started. Prosperity index was increasing. As the knight plays continuously he comes into smooth flow and becomes the aware of ground facts and also starts intervention in the higher orders obviously have to be tired and the obsolete. So the replacement needed and was done by the slogan of democracy. But a hindrance was created by the Benazir Bhutto, She might be the potential threat for the Masters it became necessary to eliminate one of two Rooks (BB/ NS) where the queen (Zerdari, PPPP) was brought into the game after elimination he is supposed to be the best option and proven to be the best till now. His announcement ” We will not use the Nukes in any condition” brought the defense in the half. Yousaf Raza Gillani elected prime minister first order Released the Judges, An order of the Day..!
But the Evil minded Zardari again played politics in the restoration. He promised to restore the court in the presence of the Book of the Books Quran. He took the U turn broke the promise.. But the Long march and army pressure forced them to Restore the court. Court Started working as ad-hock then restored after the Dogar. PPPP in the uniqueness of their corruption came back into the field . Qayyum jatoi said “Kia Corruption pa hamara haq ni ha” (We don’t have any right on Corruption) in a public TV show. The minister of Electricity and water Raja Pervaiz Ashraf made huge progress in corruption and Got the Name RAJA RENTAL was dismissed due to inability and corruption charges. Case was hanged. Then court Put the hand on Qadir Gillani on the Hajj corruption, Moosa Gillani in Affiderine, That was Li’ll bit Court ordered the PM to write a letter to the Swiss courts to open the case on Zardari that was closed. By the letter written by Malik Qayyum (Attorney Gen.) After NRO. This shocked the Zardari and order not to write because he is more then sure to be convicted. The letter was not written Gillani was convicted and disqualified by EC.
Then the selction for new came Malik shahbu ddin on the field but clean bowled by the court’s un-bailable arrest warrants. The Zardari Brought RAJA RENTAL in while showing his full sympathy with the nation :P. Zardari in other words said If you will do I also can do worse.
Here again the salt on the wounds ” Democracy is the best revenge” 

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