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My Day How I wasted the time


Today I got up early in the morning, done some walk, bathing and then brushed ma teeth just like ma best friend used to do these things in an essay, and I recalled my dad to submit my application for extension of ma internship period. Then I done breakfast. At 10 O` clock i went to doc Mr. Masood and asked to do blood and urine tests. At returning home I bought sabzi for home menu. After some momments of 2 O`clock I got a message from Surmad Umar to make some party and gathering plan at Harris Khan`s home. So we (Surmad & me) arrived at Haris Khan`s home with a 1.5 ltrs of COC COLA which was sponsored by Surmad Umar. And Haris Khan sponsored 9 samosas and some pakorras which were his favourites but we (Surmad & me) ate pakorras vefore Haris had reached bcoz after arranging pakorras and samosa he went out to take COCA COLA and some glasses and other necessaries. He got angry on both of us but we managed. Anyhow our plan of gathering was to watch the 2nd part of  THE LORD OF THE RINGS. We satrted movie and Our beloved friend ofcourse Surmad Umar got  lost in some past memmories bcoz of a new face arrival in movie and I asked Surmad to not to regret. Well we watched the hallf of movie and then Surnad and I returned our homes at 5:25 pm. Today I was raelly excited because I bought my new soccer shoes yesterday, and I was waiting whole day to practice soccer in my new shoes. At 5:45 I was at footbal ground with my brand new soccer kit. I playe soccer and also enjoyed it because of new shoes and football kit. After ending practice I met Surmad Umar in ground and got a news from him that Sajid Ali my neighbour had become a dady of princess. I really got emo and very happy. Arriving at home I washed my face and then I drank 4 big glasses of Mango milk shake (Amma g tussi great ho), then I logged in FB and congrats Ali bhai for bocoming daddy. And now I am doing surfing on FB and internet and also on youtube……………..

(*_-)……………have fun……….

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