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At last the Day came ….. ” Jis ka ham bhool gae tha”

At last after a long and hectic wait for the MERIT laptops came..
I’s almost to forget about this. Once a day just heard that the Laptops for evening will be distributed .
Made confirmation calls and got -ve answer. After gave up Got a call from a friend Hashim Zameer ” Yaar kasam sa hama bhi mil raha ha sham tak pahucho” Then got a call about 12.40 Pm from IMS office ” Surmad apna friends ko bolo k sham tak aa k undertaking fill kar dain”. This all was unbeleivable.
Then the time came and was again unbeleivable that we have laptops in our hands and it was a “MERIT LAPTOP”  it was pleasure that we are on MERIT  then having a laptop. we were able to prove ” SADDAY 70% to UTTA MARKS AAE NA G”…….

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